SLC16A4 and PFKL, which are also known to be HIF-induced

SLC16A4 and PFKL, which are also recognized to become HIF-induced genes, showed no differences.Figure 5. Glucose consumption and lactate production. IPEC-J2 cells in SMC showed a significant greater glucose consumption (a) than ALI cultures (P o0.001). The identical final results have been located with the focus on lactate production (b) (P o0.001).Figure 4. Oxygen supply, […]

YGI: -associated protein 1BGI:128.four.270.18.MAP2: Microtubuleassociated proteinGI:sirtuininhibitor

YGI:55.five.24.72.MAP1B:Microtubule -associated protein 1BGI:128.four.270.18.MAP2: Microtubuleassociated proteinGI:sirtuininhibitor4.199.15.Dystroglycan, protein, microtubule, tubulin binding; structural molecule activityVCAN: Versican core proteinGI:54.4.372.five.protein bindingPDX-1: Pancreas/ duodenum homeobox proteinGI:sirtuininhibitor7.30.12.Pranscription element activity, sequencespecific DNA bindingCDK4: Cyclindependent kinaseGI:sirtuininhibitor7.33.10.Nucleotide, ATP, cyclin, protein complicated binding etc.INX: Alphainternexin or NF-GI:33.five.55.18.Multicellular organismal improvement; Structural molecule activity; intermediate nervous system filament cytoskeleton, development; structural constituent substantial nigra improvement; cell of […]