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Biophysical JournalVolumeSeptember1302ArticleCell Surface Topography Is often a Regulator of Molecular Interactions throughout Chemokine-Induced Neutrophil SpreadingElena.BODIPY 558/568 C12 Technical Information B.PMID:24377291 Lomakina,1 Graham Marsh,1 and Richard E. Waugh1,*Department of Biomedical Engineering, University of Rochester, Rochester, New YorkABSTRACT Adhesive interactions amongst neutrophils and endothelium involve chemokine-induced neutrophil spreading and subsequent crawling around the endothelium to web-sites of transmigration. We investigated the significance of cell topography in this approach making use of immunofluorescence, scanning electron microscopy, and live-cell imaging applying total internal reflectance microscopy to observe redistribution of key membrane proteins, both laterally and relative to surface topography, through neutrophil spreading onto glass coated with interleukin 8. Through formation of the l.