Facinicline hydrochloride

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Facinicline hydrochloride

CAS No. : 677305-02-1

Biological Activity:Facinicline hydrochloride (RG3487 hydrochloride) is an orally active nicotinic α7 receptor partial agonist, with a Ki of 6 nM for α7 human nAChR. Facinicline hydrochloride (RG3487 hydrochloride) improves cognition and sensorimotor gating in rodents. Facinicline hydrochloride (RG3487 hydrochloride) shows high affinity (antagonist) to 5-HT3Rs with a Ki value of 1.2 nM.

Research Area:Neurological Disease

Targets:nAChR|5-HT Receptor

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