Icantly regulated proteins in each and every condition. (limma test with q 0.01). TABLE S4

Icantly regulated proteins in each and every condition. (limma test with q 0.01). TABLE S4 All quantified proteins within the CD11b+ cell proteome, considerably regulated proteins between Tg and C57BL/6 CD11b+ cells, and proteins overlapping amongst the CD11b+ cell proteome along with the hippocampal proteome.AUTHOR CONTRIBUTIONSCT: proteomics on hippocampal tissue, IHC and IF staining of tissue and cells, hippocampal plaque-load estimation, in situ, qPCR, primary microglia cultures, writing of manuscript. LI: processing of mice, neocortical plaque-load estimation, in situ, qPCR, IHC and IF staining of tissue. SK: proteomics on hippocampal tissue. AH: proteomics on CD11b+ cells. CvL: principal microglial cultures. AB: processing of mice, isolation of CD11b+ cells, guidance/supervision. SD: reviewed the neuropathology of each of the cases offered by the Maritime Brain Tissue Bank. ML: proteomics guidance and supervision. BF: initiator on the project, guidance and supervision. All authors study, edited, and approved the manuscript.FUNDINGThis study was supported by Fonden til L evidenskabens Fremme, Carl J. Beckers Fond, Frimodt-Heineke Fonden, Grosserer M. Brogaard og Hustrus Mindefond, Th. Maigaards Eftf. Lily Benthine Lunds Fond ad date, June 1, 1978, The Lundbeck Foundation, The Novo Nordic Foundation, The Danish Healthcare Investigation Council, The Villum Center for Bioanalytical Sciences at SDU, and the University of Southern Denmark (SDU2020).ACKNOWLEDGMENTSThe superb technical help by Sussanne Petersen, Lene J gensen, Inger Nissen, and Janne Skalsh was acknowledged.SUPPLEMENTARY MATERIALThe Supplementary Material for this article is often discovered on the web at: https://www.frontiersin.org/articles/10.3389/fncel. 2018.00397/full#supplementary-materialFIGURE S1 Proteomics workflows of hippocampal samples (A) and CD11b+ cells (B). FIGURE S2 Modified from Ingenuity pathway analysis (IPA) of substantially enriched disease- and biological pathways. (A) Drastically differentially expressed proteins amongst Wt and Tg hippocampal proteomes showed proteins
Journal of Experimental Clinical Cancer ResearchResearchBioMed CentralOpen AccessReduced expression of cenp-e in human hepatocellular carcinomaZijie Liu1, Kang Ling2, Xia Wu3, Ju Cao1, Bin Liu1, Suyan Li1, Qiong Si1, Yan Cai1, Chen Yan1, Yan Zhang1 and Yaguang WengAddress: 1The key laboratory of laboratory health-related diagnostics, ministry of education; the faculty of laboratory medicine, Chongqing medical University, Chongqing PR China, 2Department of surgery, the initial affiliated hospital, Chongqing medical university, Chongqing, PR China and 3Zhaotong Health School, Yunnan, PR China E-mail: Zijie Liu – [email protected]; Kang Ling – [email protected]; Xia Wu – [email protected]; Ju Cao – [email protected]; Bin Liu – Saha Inhibitors Related Products [email protected]; Suyan Li – [email protected]; Qiong Si – [email protected]; Yan Cai – [email protected]; Chen Yan – [email protected]; Yan Zhang – [email protected]; Yaguang Weng – [email protected] Corresponding authorPublished: 18 EGLU Antagonist December 2009 Journal of Experimental Clinical Cancer Analysis 2009, 28:156 doi:ten.1186/1756-9966-28-Received: 17 October 2009 Accepted: 18 DecemberThis article is available from: http://www.jeccr.com/content/28/1/156 ?2009 Liu et al; licensee BioMed Central Ltd. This really is an Open Access report distributed beneath the terms from the Creative Commons Attribution License (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0), which permits unrestricted use, dist.