For research use only. We do not sell to patients. Cephaloridine CAS No. : 50-59-9 Biological Activity:Cephaloridine is a broad-spectrum antibacterial antibiotic. Cephaloridine has certain dose-related nephrotoxicity[2]. Research Area:Infection Targets:Bacterial|Antibiotic Related Small Molecules:Sandramycin;LLO (91-99);Gepotidacin;Oritavancin;Monascorubrin;Azlocillin sodium salt;Herbimycin A;Antibacterial agent 45;Leucomycin;Isouvaretin;Antibacterial agent 99;Vidarabine monohydrate;Nafcillin;Antitubercular agent-28;Ochromycinone;Staurosporine;Nucleocidin;(±)-Leucine-13C-1;Ciclopirox-d11;Ciclopirox olamine;Clotrimazole-d5;SQ109;(R)-Camptothecin-d5 Trending products:Recombinant Proteins  |  Bioactive Screening Libraries  |  Natural Products  |  […]

Direct Blue 1

For research use only. We do not sell to patients. Direct Blue 1 CAS No. : 2610-05-1 Biological Activity:Direct Blue 1 (Chicago Sky Blue 6B) is a counterstain for background autofluorescence in immunofluorescence histochemistry. Direct Blue 1, structurally related to glutamate, is a potent and competitive VGLUT inhibitor without affecting plasma membrane transporters. Direct Blue […]