For research use only. We do not sell to patients. Pseudothymidine CAS No. : 65358-15-8 Biological Activity:Pseudothymidine is a C-nucleoside analog of thymidine. Research Area:Infection Targets:Nucleoside Antimetabolite/Analog|HIV Related Screening Libraries:Bioactive Compound Library Plus; Related Small Molecules:m7GpppCpG;7-TFA-ap-7-Deaza-dA;HIV-1 TAT (48-60);Seletracetam lithium;HIV-IN-2;Triptonine B;FC131;Peritassine A;m7GpppUmpG;DMT-2′-F-Bz-dA;Flavopiridol;TAT (48-57);FGI-106 tetrahydrochloride;(Z)-9-Propenyladenine;Cytidine-d1;Apabetalone;Dmt-2′-f-dc(ac) amidite Trending products:Recombinant Proteins  |  Bioactive Screening Libraries  |  Natural Products  |  […]


For research use only. We do not sell to patients. Ethynylcytidine CAS No. : 180300-43-0 Biological Activity:Ethynylcytidine (ECyD), a nucleoside analog and a potent inhibitor of RNA synthesis, inhibits RNA polymerases I, II and II. Ethynylcytidine has robust antitumor activity in a wide range of models of cancer[2][3]. Research Area:Cancer Targets:Nucleoside Antimetabolite/Analog|DNA/RNA Synthesis Related Screening […]


For research use only. We do not sell to patients. WAY-169916 CAS No. : 669764-18-5 Biological Activity:WAY-169916 is a pathway-selective ligand of ER (estrogen receptor) that acts by inhibiting NF-kB transcriptional activity. WAY-169916 has potent anti-inflammatory effect. Research Area:Inflammation/Immunology Targets:NF-κB|Estrogen Receptor/ERR Related Small Molecules:Akt/NF-κB/JNK-IN-1;Icariside F2;DS20362725;IKKγ NBD Inhibitory Peptide TFA;Mangiferin;Antioxidant agent-5;ALPK1-IN-1;LSD1/ER-IN-1;Giredestrant;Regaloside A;IMD-ferulic;SN52;Avobenzone;5-Aminosalicylic Acid-D3 hydrochloride;Ginsenoside Rg1;Echinulin;Licochalcone D;QNZ;Estriol-d3;Chrysin;ERRγ […]